Oct 19, 2016

Traintalk vol.2

Now I am on my way back to Kokkola. Sitting here on the train, once again watching the world swoosh by the window. I had a great couple of days in Helsinki. Had time to catch up with so many friends, and of course time to pay a visit to my favorite place; aussie bar. 
Stayed at friends and also treated myself to one night at a hotel. 
I kinda miss Helsinki, even though I like living in Kokkola. It is a nice change of pace. But still Helsinki will always be close to my heart. And I will not even start comparing the shopping possibilities in these two cities. Haha. It would make me cry.
While in Helsinki I also had to go have my nails and eyelashes done. So now I am sparkly like the princess I am.

Oh how i love my new nails. 

Had a lot of coffee.. I miss living just a few minutes from starbucks. Also tried a new place called "Steam" in Kaisaniemi, was not disappointed. The baguettes they sell there has an asian twist. Thumbs up.

Stocked up on bath soaps and beautiful glittery bath bombs from LUSH. Love that place. 
And Victorias Secret of course. Love love love.

With love,

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