Aug 9, 2016

DYI "key-board"

Had another little project the other day. Found an old board in the shed here at the cottage. Decided to transform it into a board to hang keys and notes and stuff. Something new and fun to have in the hall. 
This was actually really cheap and easy to make. I cleaned off some old paint stains with some sandpaper, and painted it white. Tried to paint it a bit sloppy, so that it would preserve it's old and beaten look. Found some old rope and awesome rusty nails that was just perfect for my "keyboard" haha, or what should I call it? Key-board?
This is one of the many reasons I love our cottage, you can find practically anything here. And make new awesome stuff from all the old things that have been saved here for years.

Aug 8, 2016

Pink princess mölkky

As you all may know, I love having DYI projects going on at all times. This was more of an restoration "feel good" project. Our Mölkky sticks had been in such great use that the numbers had worn off. I decided to freshen up their look, with a little bit of pink (of course). Old became new and I decided to head off to the neighbors and challenge them in some Mölkky. We ended up spending the whole evening there grilling sausage, playing pink princess Mölkky and enjoying each others company. Need I mention that I won...?
For the ones that has no clue of what mölkky is. You can check out the rules, here.

Aug 7, 2016

The storm chaser

I love spending time at the cottage. This is where I find peace. Especially the summer nights are amazing. There are no sunset like another. Every night we have a sauna and swim in the sea. Yesterday was no exception. After the sauna we had a barbecue and sat outside talking for hours. Suddenly a thunderstorm covered the sky. I took a warm blanket and went and sat on the beach looking at the lightning brightening up the horizon. I like thunderstorms, there is something dark and yet so beautiful about them. You just have to have respect for mother earth. I would not make a good storm chaser though. I am just a far away spectator, sitting there enjoying the storm from a far distance with my glass of wine. 

Aug 5, 2016

Ladies night

Wednesday night, ladies night. Had a blast with these babes (Byron you're a babe too). Hadn't seen these awesome people in such a long time, missed them lots and lots. And also a perfect occasion to use the crap out of my pink selfiestick. Thanks for the love and laughs! Love you!

Aug 3, 2016

Just because we can

I had such a great day with my wonderful friend Jukka. It was more like an extempore all day hangout. We decided to walk around in the great weather and to some shopping. Iittala had a relocation sale with everything -50%, we were mesmerized. This meant we also had to check out the Anttila closing sale, the store was almost empty at this point. But we still managed to do make some very good finds. Happy about our shopping we decided to stop for breakfast at Kaffehaus Röntgen next to the senate square. They serve breakfast all day, so we had an amazing breakfast at 5pm, just because we could. The best breakfast I've had in a long time. I really recommend this place, they have a really cute terrace in the back where you can sit in peace and have a good talk. 

Stomachs filled with breakfast we headed off to Kalasatama to say hi to Jesses new little baby boy, Dante. Dante is a little cute black hurricane puppy. Love! Love! Love! I had bought some presents for him com the anthill sale (they still have a lot of stuff for pets). Dante was happy about the presents and I do think I made a friend for life. We spent a nice evening chilling together on the couch catching up. Love these guys. Thank you so much for a great day!

Here is a short trailer of some of the fun things we did.
The movie will be out december 2018.

Aug 2, 2016

A week of love

My best friend in the whole world and her wonderful boyfriend came for a visit for a week. They live far away in Cyprus and could only stay for a week. But we made the whole week count spending as much time as possible together surrounded by the whole family. 
Even though it can go years between our meets, it is always like we start from where we left off.
Thank you guys for a wonderful week!

The one and only

Football and laughs at Kilta

It seems like everybody but me are tired of my awesome selfiestick! :D

Chilling in the sun solving the worlds problems

Carrying home groceries as a pro

Geo treated us to a greek soulvaki night with the best halloumi I have ever tasted! Thank you!

And yes, we also had time to catch up with some pokemon friends.

Coffee in the sun with everyone I love

Me and my wonderful sister are still the summers champions in pidro

Love you so much 

Jul 16, 2016

DIY - Princess Bike

Since I am living and working in Kokkola during the summer, I needed a bike to get to work. My mom dragged home an old, very very very ugly bike that needed some new life. 
I saw this as a mission impossible, but now I have pimped the poor thing. I must say, I am super happy with the result. I love my princess bike. It just needed some color, love and a new cover for the saddle. 

Now I can't wait for the early morning bikerides to work on my awesome princess bike!
Ta ta da daaaaaaaaa!

The saddle had a hole in it, so I covered it with and old tote bag. Easy and princessalicious!

Love, Vanessa

Jul 12, 2016

Pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows

Checking in to show you guys my latest find and love. Was out shopping with my mom and my sister the other day. And just as I was telling my sister "hey I think I should start buying more grown up clothes.." My mom shows me this amazing unicorn t-shirt and I go totally bananas. Forget growing up, I love my unicorn t-shirt!
This is why this post is ALL about that. So if you are annoyed already. Stop reading now. 

I don't know what it is with unicorns and pink fluffy stuff. It just feels magical and goes with practically everything. Just the thought of it makes you happy and turns your mood all fluffy and warm inside. YAAAY for unicorns!

Aaaaand as I was saying. Pink is the thing. So how can I not love this pinkflowerish filter on instagram?! Makes you look lite a unicorn-flower-princess. I am speechless. 

AAAAAaaand Nando and Edwin loves the filter too. Yes they do. I they don't I will make them love it. 

Aaaaaand finally I want to share my ringtone with you. Can you guess what it is?

I am so ecstatic my hands are starting to shake. Better stop writing about all this happiness before I start crapping rainbows. 

Over and out.

Pink fluffy love,

Jul 10, 2016

I knew it was gonna be a good day

It has been a lovely day here at the cottage. Treated myself to a nostalgic breakfast. As a child during the summers we loved to drink "silverkaffe" meaning "silver coffee" for breakfast and dip "skorpa" in it, which is a kind of dried bread with sugar on top. So as I sat there on the porch drinking my silverkaffe and dipping my skorpa, I knew it was gonna be a good day. And so it was.

It is my uncles birthday today, so like every year we headed over there for his birthday coffee. They have their cottage just beside ours, just a short walk through the forrest.

In my uncles yard, the blueberries are ready for harvest. So after the coffee I picked some. Castor and Nando didn't leave me alone for a second. They love blueberries and followed me around. I took a while to fill the cup since I had to give every other blueberry I picked to them. After a while they figured out how to eat straight from the bushes. I bet my uncle will be trilled to have dog drool all over his blueberry bushes. So schhh... Hope he doesn't read this. :)

And finally hipp hurray and halleluja, the rain seems to have left us. Spent a couple of relaxing hours at the beach just enjoying life and solving all its problems. Just a nice day in general. And now I can hear the cheering of crazy football fans on the tv. It is time for the final. Who will win? France or Portugal?