Sep 23, 2016

Odd Molly, cosy for all of us

Found new beautiful things 
from Odd Molly today.
Nando also seems to find them very comfortable and cosy.


Sep 18, 2016

Sunday trip

SUNday, thankfully not cloudday. We jumped in the car, went and picked up my dad, and headed off to the cottage to enjoy the great weather. It is wonderful to live this close to the cottage. Only a short drive for some peace and quiet in the nature.
I had packed with me some goodies. The only downside was that the sugar woke up what seemed like a million wasps (ok there were three, but still..) and they would not let us eat in peace. A lot of running around screaming while eating.
Otherwise, just a lovely way to spend the day.

Laughed at the label on the doughnuts. It said "perusmunkki" with means like "basic bun".. Haha.

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Doggie birthdayparty

This weekend we celebrated the birthday of our two little furry boys. Can't believe that Nando turned 7 and Edwin 6. Time flies away so fast. I feel so blessed to have them in my life, they brighten up every day. They if anyone, deserved a big party! And so it was. 
The family was gathered, we ate until food came out of our ears. 
I had also made a dog cake for the furry guests. It smelled awful, but was very appreciated by the tiny ones. It took about one second for them to hoover their slices of cake. 
Partyhats on our heads and joy in our hearts, thank you everyone for being a part of this special day.

Sep 2, 2016


Friday Yay, and time for some shopping. Bought a really cute footstool the other day and now I realized that we needed another one. This to prevent future foot-fights while chilling on the couch watching television. Always good to have a reason why you "need" to go shopping. Extremely patriotic from my part. 

They are having this huge birthday sale on Jysk, so these babies only cost like 35 euros a piece. So run down there to get your own, they still had a few left. 

Afterwards we had a nice lunch at Amarillo in Kokkola, the headquarters of the Kokkola nightlife. Tonight I am not going though. But for tomorrow we have planned to have some friends over for drinks and then we might check out the nightlife like in the good old days and celebrate that I am back in town. Great to once again be close to all my Kokkola friends, I have missed you guys. 
But that for tomorrow. Tonight we are going to the cottage to enjoy a nice sauna, and my mom is cooking fondue, my favorite.

Could these footstools be any more cute?

Sep 1, 2016

I moved to Kokkola

Yes, it is true. After 9 wonderful years in Helsinki I have moved back home to Kokkola. It feels exciting and good. Of course I'll miss Helsinki, but it is time for new adventures. 
Many things are changing in my life, new exciting projects and job opportunities ahead. 
This is the first actual day i our new home, still a lot to do and boxes to open. But it is finally starting to look like a home. I will keep you guys updated. 
Today we went shopping and had lunch in Kokkola. Hahah, must say it is very different shopping here when you're used to all the shops in Helsinki. But I managed to find a bunch of nice things. 

Hello Kokkola!

Aug 9, 2016

DYI "key-board"

Had another little project the other day. Found an old board in the shed here at the cottage. Decided to transform it into a board to hang keys and notes and stuff. Something new and fun to have in the hall. 
This was actually really cheap and easy to make. I cleaned off some old paint stains with some sandpaper, and painted it white. Tried to paint it a bit sloppy, so that it would preserve it's old and beaten look. Found some old rope and awesome rusty nails that was just perfect for my "keyboard" haha, or what should I call it? Key-board?
This is one of the many reasons I love our cottage, you can find practically anything here. And make new awesome stuff from all the old things that have been saved here for years.

Aug 8, 2016

Pink princess mölkky

As you all may know, I love having DYI projects going on at all times. This was more of an restoration "feel good" project. Our Mölkky sticks had been in such great use that the numbers had worn off. I decided to freshen up their look, with a little bit of pink (of course). Old became new and I decided to head off to the neighbors and challenge them in some Mölkky. We ended up spending the whole evening there grilling sausage, playing pink princess Mölkky and enjoying each others company. Need I mention that I won...?
For the ones that has no clue of what mölkky is. You can check out the rules, here.