Oct 21, 2016

A food and hair experience

It feels good to be back home in Kokkola. Have been busy doing all kinds of fun stuff. Tried out two of Kokkolas well known restaurants and thought I might write a bit about them for you guys.  

Yesterday we paid Tilli a visit. It is a fairly new restaurant in town. I have been there once before and loved the reindeer dish, so naturally I chose the same one once again. It was delicious, but unfortunately a little bit to rare for my taste. Too much blood is just too much blood. I know, I know, all the food experts are banging their heads in the table, but that is just the way I feel. I usually say I need my meat "very dead".  Loved the food anyway. The mushroom soup was to die for. And not to mention the triple chocolate dessert.
Sadly the whole place was empty and we were the only ones there. I sure hope they will have enough customers to stay opened. We came there two hours before closing time and the place was empty. It felt a bit stupid that the waiter had to go and ask the chef if they would serve us or not even though they still had two hours left. Well, still a great experience even though we felt a bit unwelcome. We will absolutely be going there again. Hopefully to try out their brunch on Sundays and Saturdays. 

Today I went to hairlekiini to have my hair done. It surely was about time. The split ends were taking over big time. Had some highlights and a nice cut. The nice girl also did my hair very prinsessalicious with amazing curls. So happy with the result!


With new nice hair and hungry as lions we decided to go and have dinner at Wanha Lyhty in neristan. 
Such a cosy restaurant in the basement of the heart of Kokkola. Wanha Lyhty has been there for as long as I can remember, and I am not surprised at all. I have never left the place disappointed. Great food and great service. They sure know how to make you feel welcome. 
The food was so tasty! Had the peppersteak (very well done) just as I like it. For dessert I had the best white chocolate mud cake ever. It just melted in my mouth and left me wanting more. 
They have just put up a new instagram page, so go follow them here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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