Oct 3, 2016

Farwells, and staying alive.

It has been a busy week. The first part of it I was busy being sick. the flu hit me hard. Thankfully I recovered pretty fast and had the chance to attend my friends farewell party. We had so much fun. Dinner at Hästöskata. They had a hamburger buffet on Saturday, so yes, we ate.. A lot. Afterwards some drinks at our place and then off to the dance floors of the Kokkola nightlife. Or should I say the dance floor of Kokkola. Haha. Not much to choose between down here.
We had so much fun and I will miss my friend dearly. Thankfully there is always the possibility of visiting. And before we know it summer will be here again and she will be back in town. Wish you all the best on your journey Tanja. 

Perfect opportunity to wear my new dress from Odd Molly
Love love love

Love these guys!
Thank you for a lovely evening!

Sadly the whole weekend was not all fun. For those who follow me on other social media might know that we had an accident in our home on Sunday. For a moment I thought I had lost my best friend, little Nando. 
A big glass window fell on top of him and cut his stomach up pretty badly. Thankfully he is a strong little fellow and was strong enough to stay alive. 
Thank you guardian angels for keeping my baby safe. It was a rough day. 
Now he is all patched up and on his was to recovery. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 

The champion resting after a rough day

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