Jul 16, 2016

DIY - Princess Bike

Since I am living and working in Kokkola during the summer, I needed a bike to get to work. My mom dragged home an old, very very very ugly bike that needed some new life. 
I saw this as a mission impossible, but now I have pimped the poor thing. I must say, I am super happy with the result. I love my princess bike. It just needed some color, love and a new cover for the saddle. 

Now I can't wait for the early morning bikerides to work on my awesome princess bike!
Ta ta da daaaaaaaaa!

The saddle had a hole in it, so I covered it with and old tote bag. Easy and princessalicious!

Love, Vanessa


  1. Inte var den nu sååå ful 😃 Men fin blev den 😘 Nog ska en prinsessa ha fin cykel 💗

    1. Nå nog va den ganska ful :) Men nu: den finaste cykeln i hela världen! <3


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