Sep 2, 2016


Friday Yay, and time for some shopping. Bought a really cute footstool the other day and now I realized that we needed another one. This to prevent future foot-fights while chilling on the couch watching television. Always good to have a reason why you "need" to go shopping. Extremely patriotic from my part. 

They are having this huge birthday sale on Jysk, so these babies only cost like 35 euros a piece. So run down there to get your own, they still had a few left. 

Afterwards we had a nice lunch at Amarillo in Kokkola, the headquarters of the Kokkola nightlife. Tonight I am not going though. But for tomorrow we have planned to have some friends over for drinks and then we might check out the nightlife like in the good old days and celebrate that I am back in town. Great to once again be close to all my Kokkola friends, I have missed you guys. 
But that for tomorrow. Tonight we are going to the cottage to enjoy a nice sauna, and my mom is cooking fondue, my favorite.

Could these footstools be any more cute?

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