Aug 3, 2016

Just because we can

I had such a great day with my wonderful friend Jukka. It was more like an extempore all day hangout. We decided to walk around in the great weather and to some shopping. Iittala had a relocation sale with everything -50%, we were mesmerized. This meant we also had to check out the Anttila closing sale, the store was almost empty at this point. But we still managed to do make some very good finds. Happy about our shopping we decided to stop for breakfast at Kaffehaus Röntgen next to the senate square. They serve breakfast all day, so we had an amazing breakfast at 5pm, just because we could. The best breakfast I've had in a long time. I really recommend this place, they have a really cute terrace in the back where you can sit in peace and have a good talk. 

Stomachs filled with breakfast we headed off to Kalasatama to say hi to Jesses new little baby boy, Dante. Dante is a little cute black hurricane puppy. Love! Love! Love! I had bought some presents for him com the anthill sale (they still have a lot of stuff for pets). Dante was happy about the presents and I do think I made a friend for life. We spent a nice evening chilling together on the couch catching up. Love these guys. Thank you so much for a great day!

Here is a short trailer of some of the fun things we did.
The movie will be out december 2018.

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