Jul 10, 2016

I knew it was gonna be a good day

It has been a lovely day here at the cottage. Treated myself to a nostalgic breakfast. As a child during the summers we loved to drink "silverkaffe" meaning "silver coffee" for breakfast and dip "skorpa" in it, which is a kind of dried bread with sugar on top. So as I sat there on the porch drinking my silverkaffe and dipping my skorpa, I knew it was gonna be a good day. And so it was.

It is my uncles birthday today, so like every year we headed over there for his birthday coffee. They have their cottage just beside ours, just a short walk through the forrest.

In my uncles yard, the blueberries are ready for harvest. So after the coffee I picked some. Castor and Nando didn't leave me alone for a second. They love blueberries and followed me around. I took a while to fill the cup since I had to give every other blueberry I picked to them. After a while they figured out how to eat straight from the bushes. I bet my uncle will be trilled to have dog drool all over his blueberry bushes. So schhh... Hope he doesn't read this. :)

And finally hipp hurray and halleluja, the rain seems to have left us. Spent a couple of relaxing hours at the beach just enjoying life and solving all its problems. Just a nice day in general. And now I can hear the cheering of crazy football fans on the tv. It is time for the final. Who will win? France or Portugal?

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